Electric solar boat

Solar smart Boat

Croatian, autentic style solar powered electric boat
(in development)

The world is transitioning to sustainable and clean energy, as substantial improvements are made in lithium batteries, and solar technology, it is time to push that technology to its limits.

Introducing the "Solar Smart Boat", where traditional Croatian boating meets modern technology, to revolutionise the way we travel by the sea.

The solar boat uses solar panels to charge the removable Lithium battery, everything is automated and the boat is always ready for use. For propulsion, a high efficiency electric BLDC motor is used specially designed to not generate noise or vibrations. Just imagine traveling by the sea with no engine noise and vibrations, just enjoying the experience and connection with nature. The experience is comparable to wind sailing. Solar boat is using the energy of the sun and there is practically no need for additional charging using the electrical grid socket. Beside using no fuel and travelling for free, there are practically no service intervals and the maintenance cost is reduced by 90% during the lifetime, compared to internal combustion engines. Solar Smart Boat can be used for everyday professional fishing or for recreational use, for you to travel to your favourite beach or island. Having free electricity available at all times means you can have on board accessories like: fridge, deck lighting, automatic rain water ejection, audio system, and finally 110/220V DC power to power any device you desire. The Smart Solar Boat connects to your smartphone where you can read all the data like: amount of solar energy generated, state of charge, range, propulsion power, efficiency, speed and other interesting data. Using your smartphone you can also control various features of the boat.

The Solar Smart Boat is under development