Sim Racing Peripherals

Wheel FOV Extensions

Get the perfect field of view! With the wheel extension it is possible to move the displays lower and shift the steering wheel more forward to get a perfect field of view of the car dashboard and realistic wheel placement.


Wheel extension will make your simulator more immersive with a realistic feel, just like it is in the real car. All features of your Fanatec wheel rims are retained as the extension comes with wiring cables to extend the original wiring inside the DD1/DD2 base. Nothing on the wheelbase is permanently modified and the wheel base can easily be reverted to the original state if ever needed.


FOV Extension for Fanatec Podium DD1/DD2 wheel bases (available for ordering)
FOV extension for Simucube 2 wheel base (in development)

Motion Racing Simulators

Response PRO

Fully adjustable motion simulator
(still in development - custom, bespoke preorders possible)

The Response PRO is the most compact motion simulator on the market, built without compromises to deliver all the important tactile information present in a race car. Fast and precise motion and vibration feedback in the right time were key features during the development of the Response PRO motion simulator. Driver position is electrically controlled and fully customizable to owners preference, even during the race. Available with virtual reality headset, or the most advanced curved triple screen setup. The simulator is intended for racing teams, simracing drivers and racing enthusiasts, demanding the highest quality and performance. Response PRO is the Hypersimulator in the simulator world.  

Response Technology

Response Technology is a symbiosis of clever motion platform geometry design and software control, delivering instant G force feeling and tactile information a real car would give.
Motion platform is powered by strong industrial grade servo linear actuators that offer plenty of headroom for high dynamic range. Integrated tactile transducer system is specially designed and placed to simulate higher frequency vibrations from suspension telemetry to road texture, tire grip, engine and other mechanical vibrations making the entire motion platform feel alive. Realistic racing sound is delivered through a powerful quadraphonic on board sound system and powerful subwoofer to deliver realistic and immersive racing sounds.

With years in development and fine tuning the Response Technology to perfection "parasitic forces" are eliminated and that is what makes it stand out from many others on the market that suffer from this problem. Parasitic forces are caused by bad platform design and wrong center of rotation that then translates to a feeling that could be described as lag, but it is even worse because unwanted force is felt in the opposite direction than it should be felt for a period of time. This feeling Response Technology gives is confirmed by renomated and experienced test drivers and real race drivers that tested it, and were thrilled by the performance and realistic feel it offers comparing it to the most expensive racing simulators in the world.